13 x 1/2 hour episodes


 (c) Bardel Entertainment



Silverwing an animation based on the first novel of the award-winning trilogy by writer Kenneth Oppel.  This acclaimed miniseries features hybrid 2D / 3D animation with action and a complex storyline.


According to legend, there once raged a great battle between the Birds and the Beasts to establish balance and territory.  The Bats, who were neither Birds nor Beasts, did not choose either side during the conflict.  As a result, their whole species was banished and confined to darkness.


Centuries later, one young bat, Shade Silverwing, challenges authority or the laws of nature by daring to look at the sun.   After the owls burn his home to the ground, the colony migrates, and Shade is separated in a storm.  He must discover his friends and his true strength in order to save his species and be free to fly in daylight.


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