Philippine Animation Studio, Inc. (PASI) is the animation arm of Astro All Asia Network plc (AAANplc), a company in Malaysia with a market capitalisation of $ 2.5 billion. PASI has already produced and co-produced around 600 plus half-hour episodes since 1991. Majority of PASI’s assets are done through traditional 2d animation but in 2002 , flash full service animation proved to be a better venue for growth and development. Now, it has also acquired licenses of Toonboom Harmony for its workstations.

PASI has co-produced “Life’s A Bitch” 13 eps x 22 minute show with Cinemaria and “Captain Flamingo” 52 eps x 22 minutes and 2 Specials with Atomic Cartoons, Breakthrough Films and Heroic Films. It has also co-produced the award winning “Producing Parker” 26 eps x 22 minute with Breakthrough Films and the witty and highly entertaining, “Groove High” 15 eps x 18 minute with Planet Nemo Animation. Flash animation platform was used for all these shows.


   Pre-Production services are the following:


  • Storyboard
  • Animatic
  • Character and Prop Design
  • Layout anf Background Design
  • Color Styling


Character and Props Building

      -Character and prop building are essential in the flash production pipeline because it is where the assets are prepared

       for the animation process itself.



     -Layout or scene set-up are carefully done and produced based on the storyboard's continuity and design.



     -Background builds are drawn from client's materials and designs and are further enhanced to suit the style of specific




     -The heart of production process.

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