Focusing on the adventures, life and misadventures of Parker Kovak, a television Producer for "The Dee Show", Producing Parker is a refreshing take on adult animated series. It is a co-production of Breakthrough Films and Television, Philippine Animation Studio Inc and Canwest Global. Target audience is 18 - 35 years old. With very witty and excellent writing combined with flash animation at its best, Producing Parker will definitely create a trend and mark in the animation industry.

Among the many firsts of the series is the voice of popular Hollywood actress Kim Catrall as Dee, the eccentric and bizarre host of "The Dee Show", a daily TV talk show that sells to viewers the myth of "having it all". Aside from the self-absorbed host, Parker is amongst crazy people in the production department like Simon, an aspiring field reporter, Chicago Hyatt, the sexy intern and Blake, the boss of the television network.

 Enjoy the ride of Parker's many trials, success and adventures through this flash animated series.


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