40 x 22 - minutes episodes

1 x 72 - minute movie


"Kong": The Animated Series (c) 2000 BKN International. All Rights Reserved.

"Kong", The Animated Series brings new dimension and mega powers to the legendary giant. . . "Kong", king of all apes! We all know the original "Kong" was tragically shot down many years ago. The woman weeping at his side was actually a brilliant young scientist and pioneer of genetic research. Using Kong's DNA and a small amount of human DNA taken from her grandson, Jason Jenkins, a new "Kong" was born.


Now, years later, "Kong" and his prehistoric island are once again in danger. When "Kong" gets in over his mighty head, facing gigantic prehistoric creatures and DNA mutants, Jason is there to help. By logging onto the Internet, Jason can engage his unique cyber-link and merge with "Kong"!


    * An action adventure series for children 6 to 12 years old


    * Cyber-power meets the King Kong legend!


    * Includes a 72 minutes animated feature


copyright 2015. philippine animation studio, inc. all rights reserved