Groove High is an animated series comedy with some live action sequences. The target audience is 7 to 12 years old kids. The series is about talented young kids from a school of performing arts. Tom and Zoe, two of the main characters of the series, muse over their adventures and fond memories with their friends and fellow students when they were still studying in Groove High.

In the live action sequences, Jonathan Bailey, an actor from Oxforshire, England plays Tom while Samantha Barks, an actress from England as well, plays Zoe. Barks is well known from her role as Eponine in the long running musical, “Les Miserables” and reprised this role in its 2012 film adaptation while Bailey has numerous film, television and stage credits under his belt.

Join us in discovering the world of these talented kids together with their friends, Baz, Lex, Vic and Lena and their fellow students from rival school, A-list Academy.

The animated series is a co-production of Philippine Animation Studio, Inc. and Planet Nemo Animation in France. It is slated to be released in Disney Channel in Spring 2012.


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