65 x 1/2 hour episodes of 1993 series "Biker mice from Mars" coproduced with New World Animation.


28 x 1/2 hour of 2006 series coproduced with G7 Animation


(c) Criterion Licensing, Ltd

Created by Rick Ungar, Biker Mice from Mars is an animated TV series about three anthropomorphic mice motorcyclists - leader Throttle, gentle giant Modo, and lady-killer Vinnie.  Escaping a war in Mars, they crash in Chicago where they meet the female mechanic Charley.  They discover that the Plutarkians who devastated Mars are here on earth to exploit resources, aided by Chicago's leading industrialist, Lawrence Limburger, who is actually disguised as a human.


The 2006 series is more of a continuation rather than a remake. This time, Catatonians are here to claim the Regenerator, a powerful tool that can terraform land to suit the purposes of a species. They join forces with real estate developer Ronaldo Rump. It turns out that the creator of the Regenerator -- General Stoker -- built two such machines, and with the one in Mars destroyed, the race is on to claim the other.


PASI co-produced both 1993 and 2006 series, with the latter series incorporating hybrid 2D/3D animation.




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