Philippine Animation Studio, Inc (PASI) has been in the forefront of the animation industry since 1991. With its goal “to develop and promote the Filipino artists”, PASI is consistently working with numerous industry giants and major players in the animation and entertainment industries. With more than 600 half hour shows on its library, PASI still continues to receive various awards and recognitions from international award giving bodies like World Animation, Annecy Film Festival, Gemini Awards, Pixel Awards and Canadian Screen Awards and many more.

     A pioneer in 2d traditional animation, PASI moves forward and now uses Flash and Toonboom Harmony as main platforms for television broadcast series production.  The shift to other animation platforms is a great opportunity for the team to develop and enhance more in their fields.  Each show is given equal importance by the extremely dedicated team of creative people.  Using highly capable machines to generate quality animated output on a highly productive environment and timeline, PASI continues to develop and create projects that are a cut above the rest.

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